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Bringing a Dream into Reality

by Steven D Huff

Once, at the University of California, a student got up to say that it was impossible for the people of Ronald Reagan's generation to understand the next generation of young ...

Be Positive

by Lou Stoops

Being positive in a negative world takes determination and diligence. Determination because being positive is a decision; diligence, because there will always be pressures to turn negative. Why is it so ...

Handling Workplace Criticism

by Steven D. Huff

According to a story that appeared in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, umpire Bill Guthrie was working an afternoon basebal game. The visiting team catcher made it his business ...

Acting in Times of Uncertainty

by John. C. Maxwell

When do the people need a leader the most? The answer is, in times of uncertainty. When is it the most difficult to lead people? The answer is, in times of uncertainty.